Nehara Kalev | Teaching Testimonials
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Teaching Testimonials

As an international dancer and yoga instructor, visiting LA this summer 2014 across the world from Bangkok, Thailand, partnering workshop with Nehara is simply amazing!  I also have a knowledge of Acro Yoga before. But the experience with her class I know I can advance my teaching in my own classes with her techniques.  Such a great eye opener. Absolutely enjoyable, educational and awesome! You’ve gotta take her class!!  Definitely looking forward to attending her class again.

“Taking Nehara’s Partnering class was one of the most incredible experiences I have had doing contact work.  Not being a petite dancer, I have always taken or been given the role of the base when doing partner work.  So, I was excited, yet truly nervous when I learned that only being a base was not an option in Nehara’s class. That anxiety soon vanished however, because of Nehara’s clear and informative instruction, her welcoming and encouraging demeanor, her insistence on communication between partners, and her openness to questions and concerns. She encouraged our class to explore ways that fit for our partnerships and our bodies.  When particular movement didn’t work, she worked with us to figure out why and how to solve those problems.  It was a class full of trust, exploration, and total body connectivity. I highly encourage all movers to take her class. Becoming comfortable with another body often allows us to truly become comfortable in our own.  Nehara’s partnering work requires true and equal partnerships, giving all dancers the opportunity to support and be supported.”

Below from Students in “The Articulate Ensemble” intensive workshop / performance at The University Of Winchester, U.K.:

“The structure of the workshop was brilliant as we were constantly learning and developing our skills. A good indication of the quality of the workshop was that time passed quickly during every workshop, as we were so busy and enjoying what we were doing so much.

Nehara always worked in stages, allowing you to work in way in which you felt comfortable, and were able to progress at a steady rate. We were able to challenge ourselves in a safe environment. As everyone was of different abilities and experience, the material we were working with challenged people in different ways. Nehara was also very supportive and understanding of what our needs were as individuals, taking the time to listen to our feedback and answer any question that we had throughout the process. I would highly recommend the workshop for the future, as it is a brilliant opportunity to try new skills, develop old skills, perform, experiment and gain confidence.”

“I was really impressed and surprised by the amount of techniques that we explored and how everyone was encouraged to give everything a go. I saw an incredibly significant increase in everyone’s confidence, including my own, in such a short space of time. Almost immediately we were forgetting all inhibitions and being turned upside down with such ease! It was really great to push myself physically, I definitely felt exhausted, but it was a ‘I’m feeling good, I’ve worked hard’ kind of exhausted. Above all the whole experience was so much fun. Nehara gave us so much of her time and energy and for that I am extremely grateful. It’s been a fantastic experience and one that I did not want to end!”

“The workshops were utterly challenging and at times stressful; however, this meant I learnt SO much. It wasn’t a case of doing stuff I had already done a million times; it took me completely out of my comfort zone and meant that I underwent a transformation in regards to approaching physical work. YES I want to do this again. Definitely. Arrange another workshop soon!”

“Really enjoyed working at a challenging pace.  Was quite surprised how intimate the work became quite quickly but did not find this intimidating. I was really pleased at how physical my body could be considering my age and background.  I felt Nehara structured the build-up to the physical work extremely well so that we were attempting quite intense physical movement without realizing it.  I also didn’t ache excessively which suggested to me that the build-up to the dance lifts, etc, where paced at the right level.”

“We were challenged physically and treated like professionals which was really beneficial to me individually and, I believe, to us as an ensemble. I loved the experience, it was hard work, but I would be upset if it wasn’t hard and if I wasn’t challenged. It was great value for money, I not only learnt a lot but also had a lot of fun and it was a great way to meet people from across the arts courses at the University.”

“Nehara Kalev was fantastic and I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity not only to work with someone so skilled and talented but also with a group of students from a variety of courses who all had the same work ethic and approach to the workshops.”

“I learnt lots of new skills than can help me in both my lessons and in general day to day life. From difficult lifts to simple trust exercises! The whole workshop was so well organised and structured. We never sat still for long and I loved every minute! AMAZING VALUE!! Two whole weekends plus the odd few hours all was unbelievable! The workshop was definitely worth more! Just thank you for an unbelievable workshop!”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, it was both exciting and applicable to my degree. I have learnt so much and have taken away so many new skills which I will be using for the future. As a drama student, it is nice to experience intense physical workshops such as this as it is one of the reasons why I chose to do drama! If possible, similar workshops should be made available for us, not only for the enjoyment but for the relevance it has on our degree. Thanks again.”