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... illustrated the truly mastered depth and development of their souls... ended the night with an optimistic high and refreshing inspiration to any socially involved and hopeless romantic patron of the twenty first century.” - LA Splash
...jaw dropping ...a cross between Cirque du Soleil and Survivor ...indelible ...the twosome offered stunning moves- both on and above ground, ...the couple, god and goddess like, soared...” DANCE MAGAZINE
Nehara Kalev ...vessels of authenticity, found depth in a cocked head, breezy smile, or high kick`` - LA Times
These daring young people are a metaphor for the dream of the new generation: imaginative, fearless, and ready to adopt the best of older values, but in a totally contemporary and innovative garb. They fly through the air in more ways than one.`` Rachel Rosenthal as quoted in LA Times
...the crowd erupted in a roar.`` - LA WEEKLY